Total anhillation core Contingency exp.

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Total anhillation core Contingency exp.

Post by gk th gt yn on Sat Apr 12 2008, 15:45

Total anhillation core Contingency exp.

expansion features 25 new missions, with 12 for each of its campaigns. There is an Arm bonus mission named "Krogoth Encounter," set during the original game (and thus could technically be considered a "lost mission") during the Galactic War on the metallic world of Core Prime as the Arm was slowly making its way to domination. The level is available only at Hard difficulty and pits the player against experimental Krogoth Kbots.

The 75 new units the expansion pack comes with include seaplanes capable of landing underwater, aqueous metal deposits and structures (such as the floating "Naval-Series" heavy laser turrets and missile turrets), hovercraft, amphibious Kbots, pop-up turrets, and rapid-fire plasma cannons, among many others. It also, aside from its plethora of whole new worlds, has new natural disasters, mainly the unpredictable earthquakes of Temblor, a planet whose only habitable land lies on mountains high above clouds.

The expansion comes with 53 multiplayer maps, featuring all-new environments such as lusch, slate, crystal, urban, and sea-coral. It also fixes various bugs and glitches in the original game.

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