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Civilization 3

Post by gk th gt yn on Sat Apr 12 2008, 15:44

Civilization 3

Its quite a time since Sid Meier imagined and created Civilization I the most advanced and complex strategy game ever created. Now we have Civilization 3 in stores. Even more advanced, very rich in options, and finally with really improved graphicsJ The Way of Strategy is still the only games passion, and still highly appreciated by players.
Civilization requires sharp decisions from players now. It became really harder to complete the easiest difficulty level. Computer opponents make more warriors and advance faster, therefore I recommend you to start playing from the easiest level to learn multiple improvements and changes. You will feel what I mean on your own skin after first several hundred years have passed!
As always, its up to you to decide whether you wish to advance your people to almost god heights, or to battle all neighbors and join their tribes to your nation. It can be probably a similar tribe too, if you've played not smart enough, hehe
Here are some features I consider really great and want to point to:
a) Interface became a bit easier to control your very very big and very mighty (repeat 3 times as mantra) Empire J
Units can get diseased!
c) Peace can be even more peaceful now - more political deals in your inventory. This adds to the number of possible game endings.

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