Warcraft 2 battlenet edition

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Warcraft 2 battlenet edition

Post by gk th gt yn on Sat Apr 12 2008, 15:43

Warcraft 2 battlenet edition

In the game, you are given certain missions to accomplish, whether this be building a town, attacking a target, etc. If you succeed in your mission you win and gain points. If you fail, you lose rank, and must begin the mission over again. Warcraft 2 uses numerous buildings, ships, units, and more. Peasants, which you can train from the town hall, build these structures for you so that you may wage war. Some of the structures include: farms - cause everyone needs to eat, town halls - to train peasants, store gold, and wood, barracks - to train archers and footmen to guard your town, and ship yards - to build ships to wage war, transport your warriors, and carry oil. Of course, there are many, many more buildings in the game but I won't list them all here cause I'll be typing forever.

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